Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy Amsterdam (BJJAA) was founded in 2014. The academy was started by two friends, who did not have a gym to train at, so they created their own. What started as a place for friends to train together, has now turned into something bigger. We’ve created a diverse community of people who help each other become the best version of themselves. We cater to all ages and skill levels. BJJAA is affiliated with the world-famous team Checkmat.


Creating a community through high level Jiu Jitsu instruction in a fun and professional environment.

What we care about

BJJAA is led by its 4 core principles which guide our daily decisions and actions.

Highest Quality

BJJAA is dedicated to provide the highest quality of Jiu Jitsu training. We maintain our quality by constantly competing at the best Jiu Jitsu Competitions in the world, inviting the best athletes over to our gym, and by staying up to date with all the newest trends in Jiu Jitsu. We are proud that our effort has resulted in having some of the best national and international competitors training at our gym.

Have Fun

Having fun is one of the most important principles of BJJAA. We believe that the best results will come from an environment that also includes a lot of fun.


We believe that it’s extremely important to be an example for the next generation. Besides teaching Jiu Jitsu techniques, we also want to teach everyone to have respect for other people, to be disciplined, and to work hard for your goals.


We believe in the power of BJJ to improve people’s lives, and to be a part of a community that it’s diverse, inclusive and empowering.


You are more than welcome to participate in a free trial class. Trial classes can be scheduled on our trial class page.

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