GENERAL CONDITIONS Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy Amsterdam (BJJAA)


  • Membership fees for the upcoming quarter will be deducted around the 28th of the last month of the current quarter.
  • The quarterly membership fee for our Kids classes is: 97.50 EURO
  • Payments are per Quarter (3months). The periods are: January, February and March (Quarter 1); April, May, June (Quarter 2); July, August, September (Quarter 3); and October, November, December (Quarter 4).
  • New members will authorize BJJ Academy Amsterdam, by signing the contract, to withdraw the contribution by direct debit.
  • New members will pay the remaining membership of the current quarter immediately uppon joining. Starting from the next quarter, The membership fee will be deducted automatically through direct debit by Mollie payments.
  • A minor can only be registered as a member by his or her legal guardian.


  • In the case that a class is canceled, by any reason whatsoever, then there will be tried to let a substitute instructor give class, If this will not be possible either, notion will be given that the relevant class(es) will be canceled, this will be done via email, our app and on our Instagram instagram.com/bjjaa.
  • If class(es) are canceled, then there will be no restitution of the contribution.
  • BJJAA is not liable for loss and/or damage to property of its members and/or visitors.
  • BJJAA is not liable for injuries incurred during training and or competition(s)/tournament (s).
  • BJJAA is not liable for any damage incurred during matches and or lessons.
  • BJJAA is not liable for late cancellation of the contract.
  • There are no special arrangements for diseases, injuries or relocations.
  • In exceptional cases, there is a possibility for a discounted contribution, this can be requested by email, but there is no guarantee that this discount will be granted. What will be considered ‘exceptional’ shall be determined by BJJAA.
  • BJJAA has the right to refuse visitors from entrance.
  • Each member is responsible for his or her health and if he or she has any medical complications or illnesses present, he or she must notify us in advance and shall bear full responsibility for any consequences or risks, which may result from this.
  • During the holiday periods there can be an adjusted schedule.
  • There will be no classes on public holidays, unless otherwise indicated.
  • There is no trial period, a visitor is eligible for one free trial class.
  • Each member is personally liable for all damages caused by him or her in or outside BJJAA and or property of other members.
  • Each member is obliged not to participate in a training session, when he or she has a contagious disease, if it is determined that a member has a contagious disease, then the member cannot participate in a training session as long as the contagious condition is present.
  • Each member must leave the used areas in a clean state and cannot leave any waste or other stuff behind in the gym.
  • Each member is obliged to apply hygienic standards, a clean washed gi/kimono/belt and other training gear, nails must be clipped, wounds should be covered.
  • BJJAA wants to maintain a clean and hygienic environment for the members.


  • The notice period is ONE month, it must be submitted TWO weeks before the start of the next quarter.
  • The notice period of ONE month must be submitted by email to info@bjjaa.nl.
  • To cancel a contract the responsibility lies fully with the member who wants to cancel.
  • If a member fails to comply in time to his or her payment obligations arising from this contract, then he or she is in default and BJJAA is entitled without any further notice to percept the outstanding amount plus the legal interest, all the related costs are borne by the member.
  • If a member wants to change his or her subscription, it needs to be done ONE month before the start of the next quarter.
  • The change must be submitted by email to info@bjjaa.nl.
  • In default of payment, additional costs will be charged and the registration fee and or administration costs will have to be paid again.
  • BJJAA reserves the right to change these terms and conditions or to correct them.
  • BJJAA is not responsible for any errors in these terms and conditions.
  • By signing the direct debit membership contract form, you agree to all the above terms and conditions.